Best Hard Boards for 2020

Discover the best hard boards for 2020 from Bishop Boards and SIC Maui.

Discover six of the year’s best hard boards from Bishop Boards and SIC Maui.

Whether you’re looking for a fishing board, race board, family board or all-around board, Paddling Magazine has you covered.

The amount of different materials being used in paddleboards is bringing more and more options to consumers.

Discover the top six hard boards for 2020 below.

The Best Hard Boards for 2020

Grouper from Bishop Boards

Price: $1,849

Finally a shallow-draft SUP. The Grouper needs no fins due to its revolutionary tri-hull and full-length keel.

Straight tracking and super stable. No worries getting to those skinny water fishing spots, launching or landing.

The flat deck has tons of real estate to set up your gear, coolers and rod holders with 13 deck attachment points.

Under nose anchor point and huge weight capacity. Dimensions: 11’8” x 34”.

Tao Fit 11′ x 34″ – Tough Tec from SIC Maui


Price: $779.95

The Tao Fit is a versatile, stable board for families, fitness and fishing use.

Designed for all-purpose flatwater use, it’s now available in rugged and affordable Tough-Tec construction.

Includes FCS 2 tool-free center fin, grippy yoga-mat full-length deck pad, deck bungee and 10 high load-strength accessory attachment points.

Dinka from Bishop Boards

Price: $1,179

Bishop Board’s has brought a select group of features to the new Dinka.

Combining soft chines in the nose and an aggressive drop-down rail in the tail allows it to pop up, paddle higher, easier, and be more predictable and crank turns with a tight rail profile.

As always, Todd Bishop used single to double concaves, continuous rocker and rails to give you drive. 6’11”, 7’11” and 8’11” available.

Okeanos 11′ x 28″ from SIC Maui

Price: $1,499.95

Okeanos is named after the ancient Greek god of the sea and was further inspired by the NOAA Ship “Okeanos Explorer”.

This new series is focused on fitness, touring and voyaging the unknown, so thus the name was chosen.

The Okeanos shares similar DNA with the RS series, however, this board is made for recreational paddling and journeying rather than racing.

Paddlefish from Bishop Boards

Price: $2,149

Todd Bishop has been working on the progression of SUPs and the Paddlefish delivers.

The revolutionary nose and tail keel sections allow it to slice in and out of the water, creating smooth drive and glide—something found in kayaks and canoes and missing from paddleboards.

Removing the standard center fin allows it to also turn easier, stepping back with one foot, which is quicker and more stable. 14’x27”, 12’6”x25”/26”

Bullet 14′ x 30″ SF from SIC Maui

Price: $2,899.95

The 2019 Bullet takes the best of this timeless all-purpose, does-it-all design and re-invents it with new attention to rocker, tail width and volume distribution, all packaged in stunning new graphics.

Available in two constructions, three lengths and multiple widths to fit riders of every skill level and size.

Starting at $1,599 in DF construction and $2,599 in SF construction.

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