D iscover the year’s best touring kayaks under $3,600 from Delta Kayaks , Zegul, TRAK Kayaks and Oru. These designs are efficient, responsive and a joy to paddle—without skimping on comfort and accessories.

The best touring kayaks under $3,600

Delta 15.5GT by Delta Kayaks 

Price: $2,350

The 15.5GT is a comfortable cruising kayak with superior load-carrying capacity and sure-footed performance that inspires confidence in all conditions. This expedition-ready kayak offers excellent speed and handling without compromising stability, thanks to an extended waterline and moderate V-shaped hull that keeps paddlers on course in almost any sea state. It delivers the rock-solid stability and impressive glide that gives you the confidence to tour farther.

Easy 12’9″ x 26″ by Zegul 

Price: $2,749 -$3,449

Easy to transport, easy to maneuver, easy to paddle. The Zegul Easy is suitable for a wide range of activities from day touring to cruising on the lake and fishing. Compact, efficient and suitable for a wide range of rider skill levels and sizes. A well-balanced hull makes the rudder only necessary for longer trips. Extra width creates stability while a unique hull design maintains excellent glide.

2.0 by TRAK Kayaks

Price: $3,599

The TRAK 2.0 is an extremely durable, customizable, 16-foot seaworthy portable kayak. Braver than the rest. The TRAK 2.0 is the result of 12 years of innovation and input from more than 1,600 paddlers. They’ve re-engineered their boats to be lighter and stronger, building the ultimate in a touring kayak. Durable. Versatile. Portable. Check our review of the TRAK 2.0.

Traverse 17.5T from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,750

The Traverse 17.5T is a light and fast two-person kayak ideal for new and experienced paddlers. The lightest full-featured tandem in its class, the stable and maneuverable Traverse is a joy to paddle and fits easily in a standard garage. Outfitted for safety, comfort and paddling performance, this sleek double is perfect for your next adventure.

Coast XT from Oru Kayak

Price: $2,499

This fast and capable hard-shell origami kayak is designed for rugged expeditions, paddling in surf and wind, and for longer camping trips. When not in use, stash it in your closet, throw it in your trunk, or check it on a plane to make paddling part of all of your adventures. Built dimensions: 16′ x 25″. Boxed dimensions: 33″ x 12″ x 29″. Weight: 36 pounds. Max load: 400 pounds. Assembly time: 15 minutes.

Delta 17 from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,495

The Delta 17 is a fast and versatile touring kayak, ideal for extended trips, comfortable cruising and play. It fills all these roles while satisfying grace and efficiency, and is a veritable champion on ocean swells and in rough conditions. The Delta 17’s V-shaped hull, pronounced chine and moderate rocker offer impressive tracking and a smooth transition to edge. It has loads of storage space for extended tours. Read our review of the Delta 17.

Delta 16 from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,425

Excelling in rough seas, surf and wind, the elegant Delta 16 offers a balanced combination of maneuverability and tracking. This nimble sea kayak stays the course in challenging conditions, holds a lively pace with ease and has plenty of storage capacity for multi-day exploration. With substantial rocker and a moderately concave sidewall, the Delta 16 edges with satisfying bite, and turns on a dime. At 16 feet, its performance is best explored by a medium-sized paddler.

Delta 15s from Delta Kayaks

Price: $2,295

The Delta 15s is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized paddlers seeking a performance kayak with great cruising speed, exceptional tracking and superior edging. Quick, responsive and easy to handle, the 15s is perfect for seasoned paddlers or those seeking to take their skills to the next level. With abundant storage and an optional rudder or spring-loaded skeg, the 15s is perfect for extended touring as well as ocean play.


  1. You need to correct this article as the delta 15s is not the delta traverse 15s. The photo is of the Taverse 17.5 tandem and the description is of the 15s. Cheers, Susan

  2. Wow, a delta ad posing as an article. Lots of kayaks that meet the price point that perform better and have better hatches than Delta.

  3. Not worth the time! Only three manufacturers for Best Touring Kayaks? The Track isn’t particularly comfortable but it’s seaworthy and strong for a portable, although needs flotation bags which MOST kayakers won’t want. The Oru doesn’t need flotation bags, per se, but it doesn’t have watertight bulkheads and is NOT suitable for real touring, as the material is relatively fragile and cannot stand scraping or hard bumps on sharp or uneven rock. And what’s left? Heavy Deltas.


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