First Look: AIRE BAKraft (VIDEO)

The newly released BAKraft hybrid from AIRE allows for paddling adventures at high altitude and even where access is impossible for traditional crafts. Made of ultralight Spectra fabric, the BAKraft weighs in at an amazingly light 7 pounds, meaning it can be packed up and carried just about anywhere your two feet can take you.

The BAKraft takes the traditional inflatable kayak and shortens and rounds it, offering the storability and lightness of a pack raft, but with the sleek aerodynamic qualities that make a kayak slice effortlessly through water.

The BAKraft further distinguishes itself with an open cockpit and self-bailing design. The valves are the same as used on a full size raft, so inflation time, deflation time and durability are optimal. Recommended capacity is around 400 pounds. MSRP: $1,299


Also new at AIRE

AIRE’s well known Tributary line of entry-level inflatables received a complete overhaul for 2016. New designs and new fabrics boast more durability and radio-frequency welded seams, as opposed to sewn seams.

AIRE's New BAKraft | Rapid Magazine | Rapid Media


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