First Look: Sea Eagle’s New TC16 Inflatable Canoe

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Inflatable boats are great for storage, but it’s also great when they’re just a great boat. The new Sea Eagle TC16 is an inflatable tandem canoe that won’t feel like an inflatable, until it comes time to pack it down. The drop stitch walls and floor were so rigid that I figured they must be blown upwards of around 30psi–they only need to be blown up to 12psi. 

The canoe will not only accept a third seat (not included) so you can bring all your friends (or your spoiled dog) on the water. Before you question that, the stability of this boat is designed to inspire confidence in any situation. Stand and fish, stand to scout rapids, stand to get your lure out of the tree, stand up to dance; whatever you need. The seats, which are attached via velcro strips, can be moved fore and aft to trim out the boat or make room for your four-legged compatriots. 

One of the other things that the designers of the TC16 were so adamant about was the boat’s secondary stability. Because the walls are so buoyant it’s not only hard for the boat to flip over completely, but if you do, it’s very easy to right the boat because of the air inside. The boat weighs 60lbs, and features double-walled materials that are also coated with a PVC coating to further increase durability and abrasian resistance. 

The boat packs down to the size of a large sleeping bag, or army duffel and is available now for $2,499. 


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