Jackson Kayak’s 2014 Rockstar

Rock stars are all about putting on a show. Many start their careers with high-energy acts, running around on stage with the music cranked to 11. For some that’s as far as it goes, they hit their peak and decades later we wonder where they went.

Other stars though, the famous, long-lived favorites, mature with age. They tweak and refine their style. This is the path of the Rockstar from Jackson Kayak, which, with its new design for 2014, proves it is in no way past its prime.  

Sitting beside its predecessor, the new Rockstar has only a few visible differences. It’s an inch shorter, has a slicier bow and a smoother, more continuous rocker profile.

It’s once I’m on a wave that the Rockstar’s refinements become apparent. This kayak’s movement is predictable. At the top of a wave it seems to wait for me to decide what to do. While the original Rockstar was twitchy, reacting to extremely subtle inputs, the newer version is highly controllable.

It will give you a good dose of air on a straight butt bounce or just as easily lay a nice, speedy carve across a wave face. You can easily transfer one edge to the other…Click here to continue reading in the free desktop edition of Rapid, Summer/Fall 2014.


This article originally appeared in Rapid, Early Summer 2014. Read the entire issue on your desktopApple or Android device. 

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