Discover some of the year’s best inflatable whitewater kayaks and rafts from Advanced Elements, AIRE, Cronin and Kokopelli. Perfect for day trips and whitewater, each of these boats boasts comfort, versatility and efficiency. Grab one of these boats and get on the water.

Best inflatable kayaks and rafts for whitewater

Attack PRO Whitewater Kayak by Advanced Elements 

Price: $699.99

Fully upgraded with drop stitch technology, take on the roughest conditions in the Attack Pro Whitewater Kayak. With 12 inches rocker, a wide stance, and a 9.5-inch tube diameter, this self-bailer is stable, responsive and made for whitewater. Featuring thigh straps, a high-back seat and adjustable foot pegs, it weighs in at only 25 pounds, making it light enough for longer portages. It is a blast on the water.

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AIRE Cub from AIRE

Price: $2,999

Built to be the ultimate river playboat, the Cub, at 10 feet and five inches, is a sporty and nimble raft. Accommodating a two- to three-person paddle team for high-adrenaline technical water, this rowdy little raft is sure to be an exciting ride.

Outfitter I from AIRE

Price: $1,649

A bruiser in big water with large tube diameters, extra width, and low seat position make the Outfitter AIRE’s most stable and forgiving whitewater kayak. It plows through whitewater and is perfect for novice kayakers just getting a feel for the sport or the big water experts who need a beefy boat. Ideal for adventurous day outings or packing in gear for overnight river trips.

Tributary Tomcat Solo from AIRE

Price: $719

Priced right and built to last, AIRE’s Tomcat Solo is a fun, stable kayak for paddlers just exploring the whitewater world. With vinyl bladders and a rugged PVC outer shell, this durable little inflatable will continue to be a reliable boat as your skills improve. A comfortable inflatable seat comes standard. Also offered in a tandem option to tackle whitewater with a friend.

146DD from AIRE

Price: $4,899

The 146DD is the newest size in AIRE’s Double D raft series. This roomy ride can comfortably accommodate a six-person paddle team with a guide in the back and is perfectly suitable for rowing expeditions. If you are looking for a fun paddle raft that can also handle overnight trips, look no further.

BAKraft Hybrid from AIRE

Price: $1,649

The BAKraft Hybrid is the lightest self-bailing packraft of its kind. Designed with a Vectran fabric shell and a urethane AIREcell, AIRE has created a lightweight, packable boat with superior air retention and simplified in-field repairs. At seven feet this versatile packraft is perfect for any packrafting enthusiast and for the laidback day hiker. AIRE also offers a 10-foot option called the BAKraft Expedition.

Tributary SPUD from AIRE

Price: $419

Built with stability in mind, the Spud is a great choice for introducing kids to whitewater. It is lightweight, short and stable, providing a great feel for running waves, punching holes and crossing eddy lines. With its wider dimensions, adults can enjoy a wild, playful boat as well.

Ugly Ducky from Cronin Inflatables

Price: $1,100-$1,150

The Ugly Ducky is a unique personal inflatable. Ready to tackle the steepest creeks or carry large loads, and equally capable in big and low water. Built to increase the confidence of the paddler through stability and ease of navigation in whitewater, this is the perfect boat for commercial customers or experts looking to push their personal limits.

Recon with Tizip from Kokopelli Packraft

Price: $900

The Kokopelli Recon is not your traditional packraft. Engineered from Kokopelli’s toughest reinforced PVC material, the Recon is perfect for road-to-river whitewater and after-work laps. With the exact same shape and design as their original Whitewater Series Nirvanas, the Recon is self-bailing and weighs in at 18 pounds.


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