OR Day 1: AIRE’s Bigger, Bolder, Lighter Pack Raft

AIRE’s brand new Expedition pack raft promises big thrills and Rapid Mag can’t wait for a chance to get it on the water. A bigger model in the already popular BAKraft series, this self-bailing, 10-pound boat looks perfect for adventures in the five to 10 day range and easily packs up into a small backpack. Though we expect backpackers on lengthy missions will embrace the Expedition, it’ll really shine for whitewater adventures in hard to reach locations. Thigh straps and comfortable backrest complete the features. The Expedition is built with a touch Spectra shell and urethane AIREcells inside for durability. The bag the Expedition comes in doubles as a inflation system, along with a high pressure pump.

Get a sneak peek at AIRE’s Expedition

AIRE’S new Spud

Also new for 2017 is the AIRE Spud, a stable whitewater kayak for kids and adults. At 7.5 feet long and three feet wide, the Spud is an ideal vehicle for introducing new paddlers to moving water.


AIRE’s new Spud is perfect for introducing kids to the water. 

Stay tuned to Rapid and our social media channels as we bring you all the newest gear and products from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market August 2-5 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


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