Square Sterns Boat Reviews

This review of square stern canoes originally appeared in Canoeroots and Family Camping magazine.

When hunters and anglers head out on the water, they are often looking for something different than the average canoe. Square stern boats affer a larger cargo capacity to help carry gear and the catch. They have shapes that can be paddled or motor driven, and come in durable materials. Here are three current options.  


Rangeley 17

Designer Notes: Based on the traditional Rangeley concepts from the turn of the century, its hull excels at rough water handling on large windy lakes. With a 49-inch beam, the boat allows for safe, reliable cruising under power as well as tremendous efficiency when paddled. With a very high capacity, the Rangeley 17 is a wonderful option for those looking for a hunting or fishing boat.

www.esquif.com $2,328



Designer Notes: Created by—and for—hunters and fishermen, this rugged performer marries a triple keel for superior tracking with integrated hydrodynamic side sponsons to deliver remarkable stability along with a 1,000-pound capacity. The Missourian’s square stern easily accommodates motors up to five horsepower. Each canoe can sport a unique camouflage design.

www.osagian.com $1,399


MacKenzie Sport 15

Designer Notes: The MacKenzie Sport 15 offers a stable hull design appreciated by hunters and anglers. The 37-inch beam and 15- inch center depth provide over 1,000 pounds of capacity with seven inches of freeboard. Its efficient hull design provides excel- lent performance with a two- to three-horsepower outboard.

www.clippercanoes.com $1,650–$2,695


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