Video: 3 Sea Kayak Events You Must Attend

Ontario Sea Kayak Centre is one of Canada’s leading sea kayak instruction schools. The Centre teaches Paddle Canada skills courses for paddlers of all experience levels. Owner and senior instructor of Ontario Sea Kayak Centre, James Roberts, announced three paddling events at the 2018 Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show.

The First Event

The first event is Paddlepalooza, held the first weekend in June 1-3, 2018 and you can preregister HERE. Paddlepalooza is a great spring warmup event for sea kayakers. It is perfect for everyone from beginners to expert paddlers. Each session is specialized to your experience level in sea kayaking. You can pick which session is best for you in advance, so there is no fear of getting in over your head when you arrive. Food and accommodation are included.

The Second Event

The second event is the Women On The Water Festival. Held the weekend after Paddlepalooza, June 8-10 2018, this event is SUP, canoe and kayak focused and for women only. Like Paddlepalooza, the sessions are tailored to each experience level and you have the ability to look through each session and preregister HERE before the event.

The Third Event

The Ontario Greenland Camp is the season closer for Ontario Sea Kayak Centre at Kilbear Provincial Park, held September 7-9, 2018. This event has been running for over 10 years. This event is a traditional paddling event, where you will learn Inuit style kayaking. Learn to roll, throw harpoons and tons of other fun skills. You don’t have to own a Greenland style kayak to paddle this event, rentals will be available. You can preregister for the event at HERE.

Find out more information about each of these events HERE



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