Video: How to Make Cowboy Coffee that Actually Tastes Good

Become an expert and be admired by everyone you trip with

Learn to make a great backcountry coffee the old-fashioned way for your camping adventures. This technique, often called cowboy coffee, has been used by wilderness travellers for generations.

You’ll need: a good pot with sturdy hand, pair of sturdy gloves and a cooking fire.

John Langford of Voyageur Quest shows us how it’s done on Surprise Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park near Access Point #1.




  1. Pour very slowly and without agitating the grounds at the bottom, of course. “Egg” coffee is one way to get rid of grounds – assuming you have an egg in your backcountry food supply. More practically around a base camp where you don’t have a coffee maker. Take one teaspoon of ground coffee per cup of water, plus one spoonful “for the pot”. Put grounds in a cup and break an egg into it, mixing well to form a thick paste. Scoop egg/coffee mix into a glob and plop it into a pot of BOILING water and immediately remove from heat. Let it brew for a few minutes and then pour. The egg coagulates and captures all the grounds in one lump – functions to brew coffee like a tea bag. It settles to bottom of the pot providing you with nearly all grounds-free coffee. I’ve made it for others, said it was pretty good. I admit I don’t personally know – I hate coffee!


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