Yakima came to Outdoor Retailer 2017 with a slew of great new and updated accessories. Yakima is known for solving transportation problems and these accessories are no different.

Yakima roller
The Yakima HandRoll

First, the HandRoll is now available. The well-known roll system clamps on to your roof rack with just the turn of a dial. It is a great way to load the boats from the back of your car.

 yakima pad
The Yakima DeckHand

A good compliment to the handroll is the DeckHand. It is a flexible kayak holder to go on your front roof rack bar. It is covered in a soft padding to protect the bottom of your kayak and also has the new dial-clamp system so no more allen wrenches.

 paddle holder
The Yakima Paddle Holder

On top of the kayak systems, Yakima has introduced a paddle holder. The paddle holder locks in your roof rack, so you can save even more room inside your vehicle.

The Yakima JayLow

Yakima also has updated the JayLow kayak rack with the dial-clamp system. With the JayLow, you can go from hauling one kayak, J-cradle style, to hauling two kayaks back-to-back with flip of a switch in stacker position.

Check out the video below for even more accessories:

Kayak Car Racks: Yakima Load Assist | Easily Get Your Boats On Your Car | Gear Preview



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