First Look: Perception Kayak Paddles

After years of making great kayaks at affordable price points, Perception Kayaks are setting their sights on paddles. The first of these paddles is the Universal model. It has an asymmetrical blade, long dihedral, with a nylon fiberglass blade on an aluminum shaft. It is strong but not very heavy.

The next paddle is the High-Life paddle. This paddle doubles as a kayak paddle and a SUP paddle. It comes in three pieces, and is designed to be most compatible with the Perception High-Life kayak/SUP hybrid.

The third paddle is the Pescador Angler paddle. As the name suggests, it works extremely well with the wildly popular Pescador fishing kayak. The paddle has 20-centimeters of length adjustment so it can go from 230-centimeters long to 250-centimeters long.

For more info, check out the video below:


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