Fun Things We Saw at Paddlesports Retailer 2019

See 11 of the coolest pieces of gear from the paddling industry's biggest tradeshow.

Paddlesports Retailer is the industry’s biggest tradeshow and brings together the top innovators and designers to show off the coolest new products for canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding and whitewater. See 11 of our favorite items from Nocqua, Dagger, AIRE, NRS, Sawyer, Gator Guards, Stohlwuist, Wilderness Systems, and Bixpy below.

Fun Things We Saw At Paddlesports Retailer

Nocqua Spectrum P2 Underwater Lighting System by Nocqua Adventure Gear

Price: $299.99

Nocqua created the category of illuminating your board, kayak or canoe for night time adventures. This year, we released our latest model, the Spectrum P2. A color-changing lighting system designed to fit any board, kayak or canoe via our patented harness system. It’s compact, rechargeable and very powerful. Choose between seven different colors and three modes with the touch of a button.

Gator Patch 3×36″ Roll Kayak Keel Guard from Gator Guards

Price: $79.95

Protect your hull with the Gator Patch 3×36” Roll Kayak Keel Guard. The award-winning Gator Patch material is durable, quick and easy to install, while being completely sandable and paintable for a seamless finish on all styles of boats including HDPE. Built to protect the most vulnerable areas of your keel and skid plate from leak causing abrasions, extending the life and value of your kayak.

Dog PFD I from Stohlquist WaterWare

Price: $39.95

Stohlquist’s newest PFD for your four-legged friend. The innovative chest flotation panel provides excellent buoyancy and helps to keep noses clear of the water. The shortened design and chest flotation create a safer swimming position in a smaller, more compact footprint. Four adjustment straps and two quick-release buckles allow for a secure, custom fit and fast on-and-offs.

SlideTrax Storage Barrel from Wilderness Systems

Price: $119.99-$149.99

Ideal for canoes, rafts and even general outdoor storage. The SlideTrax Storage Barrel features rotomolded plastic for superior durability, SlideTrax for attaching accessories, a hexagonal shape for an improved in-boat fit, a more ergonomic fit when portaging, flip-up metal latches for easier operation and a tighter seal, a waterproof construction, and tough, flush rubber grab handles.

Bixpy Outboard Kit for Paddle Boards from Bixpy

Price: $999-$1,118

The Bixpy Jet is an electric outboard motor designed to fit any paddleboard or inflatable watercraft. Now you can fight wind and current, explore new places and even extend your paddleboard trips with an extremely light, powerful, efficient and portable water propulsion system. The Bixpy Jet runs for approximately 75 minutes at top speed and up to 10 hours at slow speed.

Inertia Whitewater Spray Skirt from Dagger

Price: $199.99

A collaboration between Dagger and Palm Equipment, the Inertia Whitewater Spray Skirt is designed to stay on your cockpit and keep you dry through the most extreme conditions.

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Cutty Rain Brown SquareTop Oar from Sawyer Paddles & Oars

Price: $410- $480

The Sawyer Artisan Cutty Rain Brown Oar is Sawyer’s very popular SquareTop Oar with a carbon fiber X-Weave fiberglass shaft reinforcement. This lends strength and a bit of stiffness, while still allowing a forgiving flex that is easy on your joints. Features a custom Cutty Rain Brown art wrap designed by Link Jackson for a rugged and functional piece of art.

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AIRE Landing Pad from AIRE

Price: $169-$209

After a thrilling day of boating, crash out on the Landing Pads. These sleeping pads are designed to provide extra comfort and a good night’s sleep on a river trip. Can also double as a cooler and dry box seat pad on rafts and catarafts. The Landing Pads come in a variety of colors and either 24 or 30 inches wide.

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Women’s Silkweight Dress from NRS

Price: $54

The NRS Silkweight delivers advanced sun protection for SUP, kayaking, rafting and other active water sports.

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Skelton Glove from NRS

Price: $19.95

These ultralight fingerless fishing gloves provide complete sun protection and improved grip without overheating your hands or limiting your dexterity.

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Rocktabomb from AIRE

Price: $199

Are you ready to step up your river tubing game? Then the Rocktabomb is a perfect choice. Built for comfort, it has an ergonomic octagon shape with a raised mesh floor, two handles, and is constructed with raft quality PVC for aggressive river abuse.


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