Gear Preview: Immersion Research Devil’s Club Dry Top and Shawty Dry Suit

IR got serious about new outerwear this year. The Devil’s Club series takes its name from the nasty, spiny Pacific Northwest plant that’ll tear your gear on hikes to and from the river. Now you can go ahead and bush crash. The dry top’s outer shell uses heavyweight fabric that puts durability first. Of course this means the top is heavier than most— maybe not the best choice for soul surfing on a sunny summer day— but if you’re venturing off trail, the Devil’s Club is a bomber choice for durable protection and waterproofness.

On the women’s side, I couldn’t wait to try IR’s new Shawty drysuit. Once I got over the name (Urban Dictionary: “Fine ass woman. Sup shawty, how you doin?”), I was nothing but stoked. Across-the-shoulder zippers are my new favorite entry method thanks to the ease of…


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