Gerber Launches Fishing Tools With Salt RX At ICAST 2018

After sacrificing pliers, knives and scissors to the salt, we were stoked to see Gerber launch a line of corrosion resistant tools. Complimenting their fishing-specific gadgets released last year, the new Salt RX models include seven tools, our favorite is the Neat Freak braid scissors. The micro serrated blades cut braided line smoothly without fraying. We were able to slice through braid when it wasn’t under pressure. You can cut the line without having to hold it tight.

We are also a fan of the Crossriver Saltwater Fixed Blade safety knife that should be on every paddler’s lifevest. The knife fits in a quick-release sheath with a latch that keeps it secure until needed. The tip and one edge are dull to protect against accidental cuts while the cutting edge will slice through rope and fishing line quickly. One of the biggest dangers of kayak fishing is flipping the kayak and becoming tangled in fishing line or paddle leash. Keeping the knife close offers instant freedom from tangles.


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