By replacing the standard over-the-shoulder zip with a fully separating waist zipper, Kokatat has created the ultimate in drysuit versatility—the onesie that isn’t.

The Idol can be worn as a drysuit when you need full immersion protection, or layered down to a drytop or paddling pants. A kiwi-sized plastic screw cap sandwiches the zipper ends and completes the waterproof seal.

The system takes a bit of practice to master, but since it’s the physical equivalent of belting up your chinos, it’s easy to get on and off, and eliminates the dumpy drop seat.

Expect all the premium Kokatat features: Cordura-reinforced Gore-Tex fabric, integrated feet, and latex neck and wrist gaskets.

Best for: Versatile immersion protection.

$1,300 |


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