Plano Jumps Into Kayak Fishing With Cool Crates And Backpacks At ICAST 2018

Plano jumped into the kayak this year with two gear storage options designed to fit in a tankwell. The Soft Crate is a great compliment to a standard milk-crate. The Soft Crate features removable gear bags that fit small tackle trays and a large center box fits larger trays or gear items. The lid doubles as another storage bag. D-Rings and molle loops make it easy to secure the bag or add more gear. Slide the Soft Crate into a milk crate to organize gear.

The side compartments double as handles making it easy to load gear by simply inserting the Soft Crate into the gear crate. Plano’s new V-Crate is the most out-of-the-box storage solution to hit the water. A small bottom section is water resistant and fits in the smallest tankwell. The large top section is open for large gear. The V-Crate gets its name from tackle tray holders on either side of the top section that are angled to make it possible to reach gear without turning all the way around in the kayak.

Gear tracks on each side of the crate make it possible to add more gear. Large handles at the top make it easy to remove the V-Crate and use it to store gear in the garage.

Plano also showcased updates to their A-Series backpack which offers another great tackle storage solution to those on the go. See the video below for more information.


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