WIKE Kayak Cart Gear Review

A review of the WIKE Kayak Kart Bike Trailer from Adventure Kayak magazine.



Kayak Kart Bike Trailer


A compact hitch assembly and lightweight, folding frame make Wike’s double-duty Kayak Kart Bike Trailer a portable option for pedal portages. Use the center-style cart independently, or clip your boat’s bow toggle into the Smart Stick hitch mounted on your bicycle’s seat post for instant trailering. The Kart’s 16-inch wheels roll smoothly over rugged terrain and quick release for easy storage. Wike’s bike hitches can also be purchased separately if you already have a favorite cart.

Versatility: ★★★★

Portability: ★★★★

Stability: ★★★


$180 | www.wicycle.com



This article originally appeared in Adventure Kayak, Summer/Fall 2013. To read more kayak cart reviews and watch an exclusive video review, download our free iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch App or Android App or read it here for free.


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