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In this special How-To-Do-Everything issue of Paddling Magazine, you'll discover 80 essential skills and expert tips for whitewater, canoe, kayak and SUP, including how to: master your roll, be tougher than a voyageur, survive at sea, make a classic grilled cheese, escape a bear attack, crush every portage, and brainwash your kids into paddling forever.

Master The Surf Zone 

Isn’t it time you felt the high speed euphoria of ripping down a wall of green water? Discover these necessary skills for navigating the surf zone with ease.

Get Stronger With Benny Marr 

Discover the nine top yoga performance poses to maximize on-water strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga helps pro whitewater kayaker Benny Marr stay in peak paddling shape—let him show you how. 

Never Get Lost Again

Live Long And Prosper

Many rely on satellite-assisted, turn-by-turn GPS navigation for everything from driving in the city to day hiking unfamiliar trail networks, but electronic navigation is no substitute for traditional map and compass skills. These are the essential navigation skills every paddler needs to know.

Since 1939, Harvard University has been conducting what’s become the longest-running study on human happiness in the world, and it has great news for wilderness paddlers. Here's the only excuse you'll need to go tripping, ever. 

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