Issue 66

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The Great Expert Myth: Debunking the 10,000 Hour Rule

Does 10,000 hours really equal good judgment? Research says, “Ahhh, no.” Those with a lot of training and experience outdoors like to think they know what they’re doing when making decisions in risky environments. Do you? | PG 146

An Angler’s Guide to Finding the Very Best Fishing Canoe

What Kayaks Are Made Of and Why It Matters

Hull material, stability, size... we break it all down. | PG 86

Arm yourself with this knowledge before you step into a paddling shop in search of your first, or next, kayak. | PG 156

The Art of Shooting Iconic Wildlife Encounters

Images like this—photos or video—don’t happen by chance in the fjords of Arctic Norway. Capturing elusive orcas amid spellbinding scenery and magical, fleeting light at the top of the world is Tommy Simonsen’s specialty. | PG 22

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