Sneak Peek: NRS Touring PFDs

NRS has redesigned their touring PFD line to make you more comfortable. On top of cool new colors, NRS also changed the design so the fit will be perfect. Their mesh-back PFDs, like the Clearwater and Zoya, have lightened up significantly and also use a...

Video: NRS Whitewater Thrive SUP Line

Whether you are in the market for fishing, down river running, racing or wave surfing NRS has a stand...


NRS was founded on the idea that a positive approach to business could enhance the lives of its community of stakeholders while outperforming the cynical and exploitative practices of many conventional companies. This basic principle guides every aspect of our business, from product development to marketing to sales. Everything we do, and every decision we make, is focused on creating value for our customers, business partners and communities.

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