Hobie, the leading manufacturer of premium kayaks and watersport products, today announces several cutting-edge upgrades to further elevate performance across a range of its most popular kayak models for the 2021 model year. Most notably, Hobie will now incorporate enhanced versions of its signature MirageDrive®, the original kayak pedal propulsion system first released by Hobie in 1997, throughout the lineup.

Hobie Announces Key Upgrades to Popular Products for 2021

The Mirage® Passport® 10.5 and 12.0, the accessible and highly versatile pedal kayaks released in 2019 and 2020 respectively, will be upgraded to include the MirageDrive GT, boasting Hobie’s innovative Glide Technology, and patented Kick-Up Fins for care-free kayaking in the shallows. The Glide Technology, used on all other models of Hobie pedal kayaks, reduces resistance and improves the smoothness and efficiency of the drive, by way of added roller bearings at key friction points, while the Kick-Up Fins eliminate underwater clashes with debris, logs, rocks and other shallow-water hazards by automatically retracting upon impact. Additionally, the existing colorway options of Seagrass Green and Slate Blue will be expanded with the introduction of the all-new Bay Sand tone, ideal for maintaining low visibility while fishing or for those looking for a more neutral color.

The ever-popular Mirage Compass line, geared towards recreational anglers, will now feature the MirageDrive 180 propulsion system, allowing the kayak to move both forward and backwards with full power. The Compass Duo, the highly customizable tandem kayak with two separate pedal drives, will also be enhanced to include one MirageDrive 180 and one MirageDrive GT, offering dual maneuverability, with instantaneous forward-and-backward capabilities as well as full Kick-Up Fin efficiency. Lastly, the Camo colorway of the Mirage Compass includes Hobie’s Turbo Fins, which incorporate a larger fin template to provide faster speed, increased responsiveness and improved propulsion efficiency.

“Hobie’s longstanding commitment to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled innovation has never been more relevant than now, as we continue to see more people venturing out onto the water for a welcome escape in nature,” said Doug Skidmore, CEO of Hobie. “Witnessing the ‘Hobie way of life’ become even more widely adopted this year has made it especially rewarding to be able to offer these substantial upgrades across some of our most popular kayak models, and deliver a better customer experience than ever before.”

Hobie's upgraded Passport 12, in a new color called "Bay Sand", and now powered by the MirageDrive with Glide Technology & Kick-Up Fins.

The specified upgrades will roll out across relevant 2021 models starting this month. To purchase, consumers can use the dealer locator feature at hobie.com to find the authorized Hobie dealer closest to their location.


About Hobie

Since 1950, Hobie has been in the business of shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water and quality products. From their headquarters in Oceanside, California, Hobie Cat Company manufactures, distributes and markets an impressive collection of watercraft worldwide. These include an ever-expanding line of recreation and racing sailboats, pedal-driven recreation and fishing kayaks, inflatable kayaks and fishing boats, plus a complementary array of parts and accessories. To learn more, visit hobie.com.


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