Solo Stove, designers of beautiful, easy-to-use fire pits and camp stoves, announced the recent acquisitions of Chubbies Shorts, Oru Kayak, and ISLE, creating a new house of brands, Solo Brands. With a focus on adventurous lifestyle products, Solo Brand’s vision is to build a better, customer-obsessed, community-oriented, direct-to-consumer experience. The new family of brands are joining forces to offer best-in-class direct-to-consumer expertise and technology, unparalleled customer service to its loyal – and growing – followings and a shared dedication to give back to the communities each brand serves. Solo Brands entities rally behind a common ethos: creating and enhancing great moments and greater memories.

Read a message from the founders of Oru Kayak here.

“We created Solo Brands with a vision for a different approach to direct-to-consumer business – one that’s not only better for the customer, but better for the community at-large,” said John Merris, CEO of Solo Brands and Solo Stove. “Each of these brands is amazing in its own individual way – but together we’ll be able to collectively offer a better customer journey – while doing more for the communities that built us.”

Solo Brands entities are respected, distinctive adventurous lifestyle brands. Each brand offers simple, ingenious products that are focused around creating experiences that form connections to people and the natural world. The new team of brands includes Chubbies Shorts, creators of men’s clothing built for the weekend, Oru Kayak, designers of the world’s most elegant and accessible folding kayaks, and ISLE, creators of paddleboards for yoga, fishing, touring, surfing and more.

Solo Brands is planning to leverage its multi-faceted direct-to-consumer experience to create synergies and optimize resources across all entities. With enhanced technology, processes and operations, the brands will be positioned to offer faster shipping, higher quality manufacturing, and unified back-office functions – ensuring an excellent customer experience.

In addition to creating efficiencies across the brands, the formation of Solo Brands better equips each company to continue supporting causes and communities across the world. Each Solo Brands entity has a history of giving back to its communities and working with organizations to support a variety of causes, such as expanding access to mental health care services, planting trees to offset carbon emissions and protect biodiversity, and working to keep oceans and waterways free of pollution.

“At the core of each of these brands lies a passionate and vibrant community that has supported us and helped us grow – and we feel that it’s our responsibility to share our success and give back in a meaningful way,” continued Merris. “We believe that businesses of the future must be accountable for leaving the world a better place – Solo Brands exists to make a difference – for our daily lives, for our communities, for our planet.”

About Solo Brands
Solo Brands is a collection of distinctive, adventurous lifestyle brands built around enhancing and creating experiences that form memories and connection to people, places and the natural world. Solo Brands seeks to empower each of its unique and beloved brands with best-in-class direct-to-consumer expertise and technology, while enhancing the customer experience and giving back to the communities that each brand serves.

About Solo Stove
Founded in 2011, Solo Stove designs simple, ingenious solutions to make life easier.

About Oru Kayak
Oru Kayak is dedicated to sharing the wonder and discovery of the great outdoors. We create the world’s most elegant and accessible folding kayaks, and a full line of kayaking accessories for the urban-outdoors lifestyle.


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