Whitewater Rescue Board GameFrom illustrator and canoeing instructor Paul Mason, and adventure guide, educator, Alex Bayette, comes the first-ever collaborative river rescue board game. Six years in the making, this game tests players’ ability to work together to make their day on the river as safe as possible – and to pull together when things go awry.

With the goal of exposing paddlers to potential river running situations, gear cards and rescue resource cheat sheets, this game will help players scout and strategize. Good day/bad day cards will keep players on their toes, and quickly realizing how well they did (or didn’t!) to prepare for responding to incidents on the river.

The little boat game pieces are cut out of actual T-Formex canoe material. Paul will even send you new game parts if yours get lost or wet on the river, provided you have a convincing story of what befell your Whitewater Rescue game.

Once the game has made you crave more rescue challenges and the desire to build new skills, game-owners can get 10% off a rescue course with Boreal River, thanks to a coupon included in every game purchased! (Pro tip: It’s actually cheaper to buy the game and then take a course, rather than to just take a course at full price.)

This Christmas you can entertain the relatives and “paddle” at the same time!

Order online at canoeinstruction.co.


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