Video: DIY Campfire Starters—Tested

Arriving at your campsite after a day of hard paddling calls for a comforting fire. In the backcountry fire serves a great range of purposes, from drying damp socks to boiling water for the coffee you need to get started in the morning. In certain climates, seasons and during poor weather, starting fires can be difficult.

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At Canoeroots, we began seeing many DIY campfire starter ideas filtering through the Internet. We liked the idea of packing lightweight and inexpensive fire starters on canoe trips, but we had yet to see suggested items like hand sanitizer soaked cotton balls and Pringles in action.

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We put on our thickest down jackets and chose a bright, -12°C morning in December to test the campfire-starting ability of Pringles, Doritos, hand sanitizer-soaked cotton balls, lint, dried orange peels and flour. While our fingers are still defrosting, we are pleased to bring you our top picks to pack on your canoe trips for excellent fires, no matter what the weather.

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