Six Coolest Ways To Repurpose A Canoe

Don’t worry—we aren’t advocating turning your precious Pocket Canyon into a shelf or your lovingly restored cedar-strip canoe into a light fixture. At Canoeroots, we know the best use for a canoe is to paddle it. Sometimes though, canoes reach the end of their lives or we find a cheap (or free) one at a garage sale that won’t last a day on a class II river. If you have a canoe you aren’t using, explore one of the Pinterest ideas below to repurpose it and get cracking on a great winter project.

1. A light fixture

An upside down canoe outfitted with lights looks amazing in this living room. Consider the color of the inside of the canoe and how that will affect the light quality this fixture emits.

A canoe refurbished as a light fixture.

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2. Bookcase/Wine rack

A canoe can be repurposed into a bookshelf, coat rack or wine rack by cutting off one end to create a flat surface. Add panels of wood across and diagonally to rest wine and other items in a visually appealing way.

A bookcase cut in half to use as a wine rack.

3. Canoe bed

Create a cool lounging space or day bed in your living room by suspending an old canoe from the ceiling with ropes and filling with down, pillows and wool blankets.

A canoe repurposed as a bed.

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4. Canoe planter

Add character to your garden by planting herbs and other plants in an upright canoe. If you really want to make a statement, paint the canoe a splashy red, blue or yellow.

A canoe used as a garden planter.

5. Bookshelf above your desk

Mount a canoe on the wall above your desk to create a unique bookshelf. The gunwales and planks of wood added through the inner hull will create neat compartments to keep your things organized.

canoe bookshelf

6. Canoe bench

A canoe turned upside down with a flat seating foundation added along the keel makes a cool and unusual bench. If you aren’t going to be sitting in it on the water, sit on it on land. This could make a great addition to a garden or a patio as well.

A canoe repurposed as a bench.


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