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11 Pocket Items To Complete...

Nobody's kit is perfect, but these essentials are a good start.

6 Life Jackets For Paddlers...

Keep your head up with new and stylish life jackets.

7 Gear Choices To Extend...

Gabriel Rivett-Carnac believes this gear will start your season earlier and out on the water for as long as possible.


Kevin Callan Is Not Dead Yet

Alex Traynor and Noah Booth are up-and coming video bloggers who call themselves the Northern Scavengers. When I loaned these two weekend warriors one of...

Kayak Review: Stellar S14S Surf Ski

An in-depth review of the quick and light Stellar S14S sit on top by Adventure Kayak magazine.   “People have a head-trip about surf...

Wenonah Canoe Review: Wee Lassie Solo Canoe

Your new grab-and-float companion for serene shores and tranquil lakes.

Why Paddling Progression Can’t Be Rushed

You don't become a master by rushing through the basics.

Tumpline: Light Moves

Using programmable LEDs affixed to a paddle, amateur photographer Stephen Orlando illuminates the mesmerizing patterns of movement, turning repetition into woven...
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