C4 Waterman’s Awesome New Boards

C4 Waterman showed off their exciting new paddleboard designs at Outdoor Retailer’s Summer Market. 

C4 Waterman’s Manu

The Manu eye-catching design and sleek shape will turn heads at the shoreline. It’s also a board that glide junkies will love in love with. The unconventional design and full length displacement hull offers paddlers more stability, efficency and tracking, perfect for inland, flatwater paddlers. The Manu is 14 feet long and comes with a single fin and designed for advanced beginners weighing less than 200 pounds.

Bill Kueper from C4 Waterman on the Manu

C4 Waterman’s Pono

A user-friendly and versatile crossover board for beginners and intermediate paddlers weighing up to 275 pounds. The Pono’s rear rails promise to inspire confidence in paddlers, while the softened nose rails give clean entry for easy touring. “I do a lot of paddleboard instructing for the ACA,” said C4’s Mike Looman. “I wanted this board to be comfortable for beginners, people who aren’t looking to win a race, but want something stable that they can have fun on.” The length of the Pono is 12.5 feet and it comes with a single fin. 

Mike Looman from C4 Waterman on the Pono

Stay tuned to Adventure Kayak and our social media channels as we bring you all the newest gear and products from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market August 2-5 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 



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