Duo Attempt Northwest Passage Record

On July 18th, two Canadian firefighters, Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson, will depart from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories for Igloolik, Nunavut in an attempt to be the first team to kayak the Northwest Passage in a single season.

 Over the course of the RÊVE DE GLACE expedition, translated as “Dreams of Ice”, Giasson and Lapierre will need to cover approximately 3500km in less than 80 days in order to reach their destination before the sea freezes.  They will travel approximately 45km per day in their tandem kayak, stopping at various Inuit villages to resupply their stocks of food and supplies.
The duo expects to encounter strong winds, raging seas, unpleasant weather, and potentially dangerous polar bears.  Kokatat gear, including Gore-Tex dry suits, PFD’s and accessories, will help protect them from the weather, but not necessarily from the polar bears.
Arctic expeditions are not new for the two men; in 2010 they spent a month unassisted on the Greenland Icecap.
As firefighters, the team has witnessed the savagery of fire and has decided to raise funds for the Quebec Firefighters Foundation for burn victims.  Donations can be made by sponsoring the trip by the km at a flat rate at the trips website www.revedeglace.ca/commanditaires.html.

For more information on the paddlers and their expedition visit www.revedeglace.ca.
-Media Release via Kokatat
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