King Keller

For the three-time reigning Green Race champion and under-the-radar best paddler ever contender, every day on the river is a good day. 
Patrick David Keller is the product of paddling parents, proximity to world-class whitewater, and what can only be described as an inborn aptitude that graces only the world’s most elite athletes.
At age 12, the Asheville, North Carolina native placed seventh in whitewater slalom racing at the ­­1998 Junior Olympics. He paddled his first Green Race at 15 and, a year later, flew home from the Freestyle World Championships in Austria with a silver medal.
For most paddlers at his level, self-promotion is a serious part of the gig, but Keller’s name, face and schedule of events aren’t plastered across a series of social media accounts.
No, Keller would rather save the precious seconds it takes to compose a Facebook post or Tweet to actually go paddling. 
“I can sit here and tell you I’m a really good kayaker but I don’t really feel comfortable doing that,” says Keller. “It’s never really been my style.”
“I’m here in Asheville and I kind of do my own thing,” he says—and his thing just happens to be pushing what can be done in whitewater to all new levels.
Take his Green Race style, for example…



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