Rapid – Early Summer 2014

The Early Summer 2014 digital issue of Rapid magazine has all the whitewater content you crave—incredible whitewater photography, boat tests, gear reviews, play park destinations, profiles of your favorite athletes and more—from the print newsstand edition, as well as additional exclusive content, extra photos, video and links to whitewater news, techniques and trips.

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 What’s Inside?


–       Secret Training Ground: How the arid Arabian desert became a training oasis for pro whitewater paddlers.

–       The Thule Behri: You don’t need be a class V hero to bucket list this Himalayan heaven—explore the continuous class IV canyons of Nepal’s Dolpa District.



–       Boat review: Dagger’s kickass Katana and AIRE’s super fun new Sabertooth (BONUS VIDEO REVIEW).

–       River Booty: Perfect river running paddles for every budget.

–       Gear Bag: Great new paddling gear under $100.

–       Profile: 11 things you don’t know about world champion Dane Jackson.

–       Watercolors: Stunning whitewater photography for summer inspiration.

–       River Alchemy: A whole new way to explain why whitewater paddling is worth the risk.

–       Playground: A peak-top paradise that draws paddlers up out of their river valleys.

–       Keeper: How a mail order package of PFD pieces became a go-to for river guides.

–       Slide: Photographer Darin McQuoid takes a shot in the dark on a classic California creek run. 

–       Editorial: Rapid publisher Scott MacGregor on the evolution of whitewater rivers.

–       Opinion: Why Red Bull is bad for you.

–       Flushed: This is your brain on whitewater. 






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