Rapid Magazine – Spring 2016


Rapid – Spring 2016

Volume 18 | Issue 1

The Spring 2016 issue of Rapid has the hottest whitewater race equipment, in-depth reviews of Liquidlogic’s Braaap kayak, and Echo Paddle’s ultralight new Echoee OC. You’ll also find an interview with Sickline-winning Mariann Saether and Doug Ammons’ take on how to boost whitewater’s popularity. Join paddler-conservationists on a trip to protect the Vjosa—one of Europe’s last wild rivers—and get to know the paddlers behind four amazing organizations taking veterans, cancer survivors and children with ASD down whitewater rivers!





THE LAST WILD RIVER IN EUROPE: As Albania catches up to the dam building trend that’s already swept through much of Europe, a team of Slovenian paddlers, writers and photographers partner with conservationists, fishermen, politicians and trout for an unlikely river journey to save the mighty Vjosa river from an onslaught of hydroelectric dams.

RAPIDS’s BACKYARD BUCKET LIST: A shameless list of reasons to love the Ottawa Valley. (It’s hard to stay humble when the world flocks to our neck of the woods every spring.)

RIVER THERAPY: From organizing canoe trips for cancer survivors and kayaking for wounded veterans and children with autism spectrum disorder, meet the people using whitewater in healing and transformative ways.

BOAT REVIEWS: Liquidlogic’s river play Braaap and Echo’s composite Echoee OC

RIVER BOOTY: Ultimate whitewater race gear

ATHLETE PROFILE: How Mariann Saether’s secrets of success

WATERCOLORS: Stunning whitewater photography

RIVER ALCHEMY: Jeff Jackson on who should speak for the river, and what they would say

PLAYGROUND: Why Bend’s brand new park is already under construction

Diamonds and Gold: How to win a world championship and get engaged on the same day

EDITORIAL: Home sweet home

FLUSHED: Doug Ammons on why more people run marathons than rapids

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