OR Day 1: Six Finds At OR To Take On Your Next Canoe Trip

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits revamp of their Mountain Series Medical Kits are perfect for keeping yourself safe on canoe trips. They are as good-looking as they are useful as they come with super-helpful labels and basic instructions for those who may not have a first aid education. A bonus? You can buy refills for the items you run out of online. The new series comes out in February 2017 and they range from $15-$200.


Watershed’s Ocoee

If you are a canoe tripper who loves capturing the outdoors on your paddling adventures, Watershed’s Ocoee is a must for you. The Echoee can fit a full photo kit and you can get a padded inset. Watershed’s Brandon Owens says that you can fit your camera plus a few extra lenses, making it the perfect bag to keep your beloved DSLR safe. The Ocoee retails for $105.


Sierra Designs High Route Tent

Sierra Designs new High Route tent was designed by adventurer Andrew Skurka. Why should you trust his design? Well, Skurka has hiked 3,000 miles so far in his life, and knows what features a good tent should have. The tent is designed to be used with trekking poles, but an aftermarket pole set is available. It weighs just 2 ½ pounds and has two entrances. The latter feature “gives a really nice crosswind to reduce condensation,” says Skurka. The tent is a spacious one-person and fits two snugly. It is also modular, meaning you can just use the fly if you wish. This would be a great fit for the portage heavy canoe trip. The High Route is $300.

High Route Sierra

Morakniv Eldris Pocket Knife

We love this pocket size knife from Swedish company Morakniv. It has a stainless steel blade and a handle made from super durable plastic with a rubber over mould grip. You can purchase the base version of the knife with a sheath for $29, or the $49 Eldris Kit. The Eldris Kit contains the knife, paracord, leather details, secondary locking and the best part—a steel fire starter.


Uco Gear Sweetfire Strikable Fire Starter

Ever arrived to a campsite in the rain and spent a good chunk of the evening trying to get a fire going? Uco Gear has your back with their new Sweetfire Strikable Fire Starter. Throw a box in your pack and enjoy seven minutes of burning while you gather your kindling. You can strike a match on the box and light the points. It is made from sugarcane and 20 points come in a box for $5.99.

fire starter

Aquapac’s New Trail Proof Phone Case

Going on a canoe trip and need to keep your phone safe from the elements? Aquapac’s new trail proof phone case is a high quality, inexpensive phone case that is so waterproof it can be submerged and still keep your phone happy. Aquapac’s John Kelly says they saw many low quality cases on the market and decided to make something affordable and high value. Strap it into your canoe and take iPhone snaps to your heart’s content. 



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