Swell Watercraft has successfully raised over $145,000 at Wefunder.com on its quest to build a world-class rotomolding facility in the U.S. Now it’s taking the next steps towards fulfilling that goal.

According to GM Jim Marsh, the time is now to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. “We’ve seen prices soar for imported kayaks during the international shipping crisis Covid ushered in. All things considered, the U.S. is now the most advantageous place in the world for manufacturing processes such as rotomolding. We definitely want to be a part of it.”

Construction has begun on the rotomold machine (known as a Rock ‘n Roll Oven), which will weigh over two tons when finished. It’s being built by Celliers Kruger in South Africa. He runs the factory that currently makes Swell’s kayaks, and is the creator of the Poly2 plastic formula-which makes lighter and stiffer kayaks. Celliers is utilizing is 20 years of experience to build his most high end and durable oven to date. It is expected to be finished in two months.

Meanwhile, Swell has decided to move its base of operations to Ames, Iowa, starting July 1. They’ve been lured in by incentives from the Corn Belt Power Collective, an organization that provides low interest, long-term loans and operates Industrial Parks throughout rural Iowa. Negotiations are on going between the two parties, as Swell attempts to nail down a final location for its factory and rotomolding oven.  “The Collective had incredible incentives, and Iowa offers a more centralized location to ship from. Kind of a no-brainer, all things considered,” Marsh mentioned.

In the meantime, they continue to import their kayaks from Kruger’s South African factory, where Stealth, Vagabond, Jackson Europe and Design kayaks are currently manufactured.

The Wefunder campaign, where investors are purchasing equity shares in the Swell company, runs until June 30.

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