Top 10 Most Popular Canoeroots Stories From 2016

1. 15 Camping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This roundup of the most epic mistakes people make while camping was a hit online. Some of the mistakes listed are obvious—leaving food inside your pack at night—and some less so—not making a list. Read and make sure your first camping trip of 2017 is fail-free.

A bear sitting at a picnic table with a red cloth.

2. 7 Most Common Mistakes of Wilderness Canoeists

It seems mistakes were popular in 2016. Why? Well, it’s generally preferred to read about potential mistakes than make them. In this piece we outline common mistakes in the backcountry including not scouting rapids, rushing, having an incompetent back ferry and sporting unzipped an PFD. See what other mistakes you want to avoid.

A group of people paddling a red canoe.

3. 7 Most Important Skills for Wilderness Canoeists

Canoeroots readers loved this collection of critical skills for backcountry canoeists to master. Some of the key skills we highlighted included how to repair a canoe in the backcountry, how to execute a proper bear hang and how to find your way with a map and a compass.

A man hangs a bear hang in the woods.

4. Top 11 Canoe Trip Faux Pas

Never do the dishes at the campsite? Always leave the campsite a mess before bed? You may be committing grave faux pas. See if you are a chronic rude camper here.

An orange tent by a campfire during the evening.

5. 7 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Canoe

This information-packed guide to buying a used canoe outlines all the relevant details a potential buyer wants to cover. Make sure you purchase the perfect canoe for you by reading our expert tips.

 A wooden canoe against a blurred green background.

6. 12 Photographers Canoe Lovers Should Follow on Instagram

We handpicked twelve photographers capturing powerful images of canoeing, nature, wildlife and paddling culture. Scroll through their feeds when you can’t be out paddling.

 A solo canoeist paddles against an orange sunset.

7. Why Your Next Canoe Trip Should Be Solo

Have you only ever gone on canoe trips with other people? Canoe tripper and writer Shawn James on the unique appeal of solo canoe adventures and how to get started on your own.

Shawn James, writer and canoeists, looks out at a lake.

8. Video: How to Start a Fire in Wet Conditions

Every paddler and camper should know how to make a fire when the weather turns wet and nasty. Jason Marleau from Algonquin Bound Outfitters, just south of Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, shares his top tips for getting a fire going when it really counts.

A screenshot of a video showing how to light a fire in wet conditions.

9. Five Traits You Want in a Canoe Trip Partner

When you are paddling through remote lakes in the backcountry, the traits and quirks of your canoe tripping partners are amplified. Find out what qualities we think are vital in your choice of adventure buddies.

A collection of colorful canoes against a foggy morning lake.

10. Canoe Trip Gear Equipment Checklist

A complete checklist for canoe trips ensures you don’t leave a small but vital item at home, like a lighter or a headlamp. Keep this popular Canoeroots article in your gear cave or taped to your fridge so you pack correctly, everytime.

A collection of gear items to take on a canoe trip.


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