Kayaking Wild Sardinia

Destination: Sardinia, Italy


Why go?  “Sardinia really is a world apart from the rest of Italy (Sardinians refer to mainland Italy as “the Continent”) and feels rough, wild and very old. Paddling in crystal clear water, you see the ruins of castles and towers going back 1,000 years or more. Sardinia has stunning natural beauty with an overlay of ancient civilizations that you just don’t see paddling in North America” – Grant Thompson, founder of Tofino Expeditions.


Route Beta: This unique nine-day tour is a feast for the senses, featuring some of the best kayaking in the Mediterranean. Travelers journey into the heart of Europe’s last great wild island to discover its history, culture and gastronomy, getting an in-depth look at Sardinia’s largely unspoiled natural world. Paddle along beaches, cliffs and giant sea caves in the magnificent 20-mile arch of the remote Gulf of Orosei.


Diversions: Drive into the heart of the rugged Supramonte Mountains and hike the Gorropu Gorge, Europe’s greatest canyon and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore impressive bronze-age Nuragic ruins and discover the Spanish culture in Alghero. Taste fresh, local fare and imbibe flavorful, full-bodied wines at local Agriturismos and rural restaurants, providing authentic farm-to-table experiences. Along the way, sample ancient Vermentino and Cannonau grape varietals in distinctively diverse wine-growing regions.


Don’t go without…  A full size, lightweight, packable beach towel and goggles or mask – the water is so amazing you’ll be in it every chance you get!


Watch out for…  The skimpy swimsuits (both women and men) on the Costa Smeralda, jet-set beach strip on the northeast corner of the island. 


Access: Mostly sandy beaches – a lot of sandy beaches.


Home base: Agroturimos for a genuine farm-to-table experience of the food and culture. Small family run B&B in La Maddalena.


Fly to: Olbia, Sardinia (OLB)


Outfitters: Tofino Expeditions, visit www.tofino.com, call 800-677-0877 or email [email protected] for more information. Tofino Expeditions supplies all specialized paddling gear, kayaks and group camping equipment including top-quality tents.


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