Crossing Labrador Official Trailer Released

One of Canada's last remaining wilderness frontiers.

On July 15, 2019, a team of four set out in canoes to cross Labrador, one of Canada’s last remaining wilderness frontiers. Their expedition took them through three different ecosystems and across two regional heights-of-land for a total of 670 kilometers in 35 days.

Labrador was having one of its rainiest summers on record, meaning the group faced rain 28 of the 35 days, with temperatures averaging 11 degrees Celcius. On their trip, one member got severely sick for about seven days, another member lost a tooth, and the other two managed to perfectly wrap a canoe.

Labrador is known for its challenging terrain and relentlessness bugs, but it is also known as having some of the most pristine landscapes in Canada. “There are so many places we got to see that would be national parks if they were closer to civilization,” says Noah Booth of Northern Scavenger.

Noah Booth and Paddling Magazine staffer Alex Traynor are currently working on a documentary and video series, Boreal to Barrenlands – Crossing Labrador, to highlight their trip. They plan to release it in February 2020.

Featured Photo: Alex Traynor (Northern Scavenger)


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