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Eddyline Kayaks

West Coast manufacturer Eddyline Kayaks has been manufacturing beautifully crafted kayaks in Washington state for over 40 years. Following the release of the Samba three years ago, this spirited compact kayak has enjoyed widespread popularity among smaller paddlers. At just 13’10” and 43 pounds, the Samba is a performance boat in a very managable package. Eddyline’s founders, Tom and Lisa Derrer, shared this new, lovingly filmed video of the Samba. Warning: viewers will experience intense cravings for sunny days on the water!

Also new at Eddyline, the Denali is Tom and Lisa’s response to numerous requests for a larger, lighter, performance oriented kayak with room for the larger paddler. They call this big brother to the Samba, “our little big boat.” It features the same sleek design, but has abundant foot and leg room.

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