7 of the funniest paddling videos ever, according to YouTube

The Internet is a wonderful thing. We scoured YouTube for the top-watched canoe and kayak fails. Our office staff can’t stop laughing.

What’s your favorite canoe/kayak fail? Ours is definitely the kayak deadlift in the top video at 2:04 but the 2014 “Sarah, Help Me!” video is a total classic and the “Kayak Fail” video is also HILARIOUS! Let us know your favorite IN THE COMMENTS below.

Disclaimer: Language in some videos could use a bleep sensor.

Best Boat Fails 2018 | Funny Fails Compilation

America’s funniest home videos never fail to disappoint.


This would happen to me. 


2 morons canoe fail

Dumb and dumber?


Guess the rapids got too “ruff.”


Brutal Canoe Accident FAIL!

If you can get past the cultural appropriation, this one is a laugh.


New Olympic sport?


✔Funniest Kayak Fails 2016|8Fails

Just stop. Enough.

That’s it. That’s all, folks. Don’t try any of these stupid stunts at home. And ALWAYS wear your life jacket.

Did we miss a funny video? Share it with us in the comments below. 



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