Video: Artists And Creativity In The Grand Canyon

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American Rivers’ short film about the Grand Canyon and artistry

Video: American Rivers

A new short film by American Rivers explores the magnetism that draws artists and creators to the vast Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon’s attraction for three artists 

Directed by James Q Martin, The World Beneath The Rims focuses on three artists pulled in by the Grand Canyon and inspired to create by the natural wonder.

Photographer Amy S. Martin, painter Bruce Aiken and writer Kevin Fedarko share how their relationship with the canyon began and how it has transformed and influenced their creativity. Fedarko explains that how his failure to become a dory guide actually was a gift as it enabled him to gain the distance required to write about boats and water.

Whitewater in the Grand Canyon and overcoming life’s obstacles

The narration ties the chaos of whitewater and the ability to find a line where it appeared there wasn’t one to the tumultuous times in our lives and how we overcame challenges. The film also touches on a need for more of these kinds of people, those who feel a powerful connection to the Grand Canyon and want to protect it.

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