Kayaking Meets Drag Racing: Watch a World Record Get Set

W hile most people strap their kayak to their roof and head to the river, Cleetus McFarland decided instead to try drag racing on an active airport runway. The rising YouTube sensation took his sit-on-top to the Jewelsberg drag strip to see just how fast he could go.

First, the team got permission from the raceway staff to race their kayak. “Brent, I come bearing good news. These fellows said if we strap the kayak down good enough we can run with it on the roof,” says an excited McFarland.

Kayak strapped to race car
Cleetus McFarland, you need to watch our video on how to strap a kayak to your car.

The crew is confident this is the next big thing. “We are pioneers of the kayaking industry,” a teammate states. “This is one large step for the kayaking industry as a whole.”

Okay, now we’re laughing.

Kayak Drag Racing
The rig: ready to race.

A last-minute switch puts teammate Leroy in the driver’s seat. He revs his engine at 3:54, taking off to break the unofficial world record with 9.4 @158 mph. “I am impressed,” he says. “It was pretty sketchy… that’s some wild stuff.”

McFarland is less stoked. “We’re definitely going to have to de-canoe,” he states. “9.4… oooh, we’re going to have to better than that.”

For those who are inspired to try kayak drag racing themselves, we recommend finding a different form of shred.

“Kayaking and race cars might not be as big a sport as I thought” laughs McFarland. “You win some, you lose some.”




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