Surf Ski Remount Technique

Longtime Adventure Kayakcontributor Alex Matthews demonstrates how to climb back aboard your surf ski after taking a swim. “As a sea kayaker and whitewater paddler, I’ve got many miles in a kayak under my belt, but I am new to surf skis,” explains Matthews. “I’m paddling a shorter, more stable ‘pocket ski’ – the Think Eze – and loving it! It’s shorter length and stability make it perfect for steeper waves (which I love) and it does surprisingly well in our local tidal rips.

“The key for me was to drill on remounts until I felt confident about stepping up to conditions that pretty much guaranteed that I’d swim,” Matthews says of heading out in his tidal training waters near Victoria, British Columbia. “With backup from other boaters and the knowledge that the rip will give way to calmer water behind the waves, it’s ideal for practicing sporty remounts.”



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