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There are many reasons to opt for a travel canoe—portability, store-ability and convenience are the three factors we hear about most often. But what if you could factor in excellent performance too? Staff at Canoeroots magazine are excited to have received an inflatable tandem Travel Canoe 16 (TC16) from Sea Eagle, and we can’t wait to get it out on the water. It’s definitely the first canoe to arrive via courier and be carried into the living room of the office.
The TC16 boasts double wall construction for great durability, a super rigid construction (up to 10psi), a double chine system that offers extra stability and superior tracking, and the option to combine with a skeg. It weighs in at 27 kilograms, inflates in seven to nine minutes and packs up to a mere quarter of its inflated size. 
Sea Eagle also sent out a loaner to river guides on the Penobscot River in Maine—see the shots below. These testers reported being impressed by the inherent buoyancy of the canoe, as well as the ability to get back into the canoe while in whitewater, using the same technique as in the video above.
Stay tuned for a full report online and a review in the next issue of Canoeroots
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