Video: Sea Kayak Circumnavigation Of Svalbard Norway

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A trailer of the Paddling the Cold Edge documentary of three sea kayakers paddling around the Svalbard islands


Wandering Wolf Productions

The Paddling The Cold Edge full documentary is going to be released this year and we are excited to see it.

In 2015, adventurer Jaime Sharp put together a team of three kayakers to circumnavigate the famous four islands of Svalbard, Norway. Accompanying Jaime was Tara Mulvany, known for being the first woman to circumnavigate the north and south islands that make up the country of New Zealand. The third was a former Norwegian special forces member Per Gustav Porsanger, who provided vital safety, logistical and first aid support for the team.

Watch: Tara Mulvany’s solo expedition around New Zealand.

Jaime Sharp has recently announced that he is undertaking a new world-first paddling feat along with Jillian Brown, a well-known outdoor adventure photographer. They will be paddling the Grand Canyon in a tandem kayak in an effort to show how under-rated tandem sea kayaks are in our paddling experience. We hope to bring you updates as this adventure unfolds over the next month. 


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