Boat Review: Dagger Kayaks’ Phantom Creek Racer

Initially a secret, find out more about Dagger's nine-footer.

Boat Review: The Castine Touring Kayak

The Castine puts a respected Maine brand back on the coast.

Boat Review: Nigel Dennis’ Explorer Sea Kayak

When the going gets tough, the tough get this sea kayak UK classic.

Expert Advice

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying A Sea Kayak

Purchasing a new kayak can be a fun but overwhelming experience. Before I bought my first sea kayak, I looked to more experienced paddlers....

Boat Review: Esquif’s Huron Canoe

The perfect cottage country cruiser.

Boat Review: Esquif’s Prospecteur 15 Canoe

Esquif's newest Prospecteur is small but mighty.

Sabrina Barm Designs Esquif’s Extasy Canoe

The first female open boat designer is making waves as Esquif's newest OC1 designer.

Chris Vermeulen Builds DIY Paddleboard Jet Drive

Thomas Edison said to invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.

First Look: C4 Waterman Holo Holo 2

C4 Waterman knows that not everyone has a roof rack or a trailer. So they have broken their popular...

First Look: Jobe Watersports Touring Boards

Jobe Watersports produces all type of watersport’s products in the Netherlands, but about nine years ago they put their...

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Five Common Mistakes When Buying SUP Gear

BUYING FROM A BIG BOX STORE Earlier this year, I was shopping for home supplies when I came face-to-face with a paddleboard display outside...

Kokopelli Showcases Recon Packraft, Animas River Bag And Delta...

Kelley Smith with Kokopelli Packraft takes us through the new Recon Packraft targeted at avid whitewater paddlers. The Recon...

New Gear From Kokopelli Packraft

Kokopelli brought some great new and updated gear to Paddlesports Retailer 2017. First off, they brought a new paddle...

Alpacka Raft Launches the Caribou

The following is a press release from Alpacka Raft. Alpacka Raft, the industry leader in research and development of...