When Is The Best Time To Buy A Kayak?

Paddling Buyer’s Guide

There is no best answer to the question, when is a good time to buy a kayak? The best time to buy a kayak varies depending on your purchasing objectives: Is your priority to have the best selection? Or are you simply interested in the best price? This article will provide you with a summary of what kayaks are available over the course of the year, and will offer guidance on when is the best time to buy a kayak for you.

When to buy a kayak

What time of year is best to buy a kayak? There are two conflicting realities to contend with in choosing when to buy a kayak: availability and price. If selection is your primary goal, then you should shop for a kayak in May or June when retailers receive their season’s stock. The importance of shopping early became crystal clear when the pandemic launched a revival of outdoor activities and Covid-19 imposed supply chain limits on production of outdoor gear.

As the pandemic continues, demand for kayaks is still outstripping supply. Shopping early in the season gives you the best opportunity to find the kayak of your dreams. With kayak shortages, it makes sense to put price aside and shop early to find a kayak that’s safe, comfortable and meets your performance needs.

On the other hand, shopping later in the season (specifically in late August and September) once rewarded patient shoppers the best chance of scoring a good deal. You may still get lucky—but it’s not a sure thing. Kayaks remaining on shop floors at this time of year are often the leftovers, obscure sizes or less desirable models.

Sure, you might find a sale as store owners attempt to clear out stock, but you’ll certainly miss out on the wider selection offered earlier in the paddling season.

When do kayaks go on sale?

The answer to the question “when do kayaks go on clearance?” is simple. Kayaks go on sale at the end of the paddling season, when stores are looking to clear out summer stock and move into the autumn and winter retail seasons. Here are some details to help you pinpoint when kayaks go on clearance at various popular outlets.

  • When do kayaks go on sale at Costco?

    You’ll find kayaks on sale at Costco in August and September, when they’re no longer seasonally relevant and more space is needed in-store for other goods. You may also get lucky and find remaining kayaks at clearance prices around Thanksgiving.


  • When do kayaks go on sale at Academy?

    Besides late-season autumn sales, kayaks often go on sale at Academy around holidays—such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Shopping these earlier sales will give you better selection but the discounts may not be as significant as end of season.


  • When do kayaks go on sale at Bass Pro?

    Watch for holiday kayak sales at Bass Pro, especially Memorial Day and Fourth of July if you’re looking to strike a balance between price and availability.


  • When do kayaks go on sale at Walmart?

    As Walmart’s tagline suggests, kayaks are sold at everyday low prices at Walmart. However, you may score clear-out deals on leftover kayak stock at the end of the summer.


  • When do kayaks go on sale at Canadian Tire?

    Keep track of the weekly flyer to watch for kayaks on sale at Canadian Tire. Of course, you can also score great deals at the end of the season, particularly in August when stores switch stock from watersports to winter sports.


  • When do Menards kayaks go on sale?

    Menards sells a limited range of watersports equipment, including kayaks and SUPs. You’re most likely to find Menards kayaks on sale in August and September. It’s also a good idea to follow the Menards flyer to catch weekly sales earlier in the paddling season.


When do new kayak models come out?

New kayak models come out in the spring, to match the time when paddlesports, outdoors and big box stores begin to display summer stock. But don’t wait till spring if you’re looking to paddle off in the latest and greatest kayak from your favorite manufacturer.

Most manufacturers offer pre-season sales on new kayak models at local dealers. Attending a paddlesports trade show such as Canoecopia is another great way to check out (and pre-order) the year’s newest kayaks.

Do kayaks get cheaper in the winter?

You may wonder, “do kayaks get cheaper in the winter?”—especially if you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a unique Christmas gift. Kayaks may go on sale in the months leading up to winter, as retailers attempt to clear out the previous season’s stock. Sometimes you can find discount kayak prices around Thanksgiving. Bear in mind, however, you’ll have a smaller selection than other times of year.

Custom ordering a new kayak in the winter is another option, but don’t expect a discount. You can also plan to attend a paddling trade show, such as Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin, or the Outdoor Adventure Show in several Canadian centers. These events are a great spot to check out the newest kayaks and receive expert advice from industry professionals—and often also take advantage of special sale prices.


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