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Every issue of Paddling Magazine is filled with expert buying advice, travel secrets, destination ideas, and the latest paddling news. Whether you love kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding or whitewater, Paddling Magazine is sure to inspire you to paddle forever. Included in your digital subscription will be the Apple and Android App versions of the magazine for your smartphone and/or tablet. To start reading your digital subscription just follow the instructions below.

App Instructions

Step 1:

Download the Paddling Magazine app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Available on Apple iOS and Android.
Apple (iOS) Android

Step 2:

a) Open the app.
b) Tap the “LOG IN” button in the bottom menu or the button under the cover.
c) Under “SUBSCRIBER LOG IN” click on “Email & Zip/Postal code”.

Step 3:

a) Enter your email and zip code or postal code.
b) Click “LOG IN”.

Step 4:

a) Create a login with your social media account to bookmarks articles and videos and save them in the app to read later. (OPTIONAL) 

b) If you don\’t to create an account just click “skip” on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 5:

a) Click on the “Magazine” tab.

b) Click on the cover to download the issues. (Swipe right or left or flip through the archives.)

c) Open the “Articles” tab. Click on the headline to read articles posted on and bookmark them to refer back to them later.

Prefer Print?

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