Our Team

Meet the amazing staff at Rapid Media

Kaydi Pyette


Kaydi has managed Rapid Media’s publications since 2012. She has a Bachelor in Journalism from Ryerson University. If she’s not out on the water she’s poring over a map dreaming up her next paddling adventure.

Marissa Evans


With a love for storytelling and SEO, Marissa has been at home in the digital content space since 2016. Her offline pursuits include camping, downhill skiing, ice cream eating, and book reading.

Joe Potoczak


Joe is a writer, and lifelong paddler of anything that floats. He’s managed to put the two together and call it a profession. He is also a former member of the US Wildwater Team, and instructed river guides in Pennsylvania for a solid decade.

Cristin Plaice

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Cristin leads the company's growing marketing and business development departments. Entrepreneur by nature, she has almost a decade of experience in digital marketing. When she’s not frothing over SEO and new tech, you can find her playing in the mountains of BC.

Michael Hewis

Art Director

Mike loves to create: when not designing he’s experimenting with oil paints, curating an impressive Instagram and instructing his daughter in the art of casting artificial lures. Curling with the hammer in the last end at a bonspiel? Yep, you’ll find him doing that, too.

Scott MacGregor

Founder & Publisher

Scott has a serious writing and paddling crush but a business brain, so he started this magazine. He’s also the founder of Beer Fridays and Meat Sticks & Mars Bars Mondays. His two kids are just a smidgen cooler than he is.

Brenna Shultz

Media Sales

Brenna was a semi-pro creek boater and freestyle paddler on the Canadian National Team. She teachs all paddlesports and swift water rescue (now as a hobby) because she loves it so much. Having been a business owner in the past she really loves connecting decision makers to solid marketing strategies so that their businesses keep growing and they can get back to running a business!

Jeff Priest

Digital Content Production

Jeff joins Rapid Media, having previously worked as a graphic and web designer. He is an avid hiker, canoeist, and amateur naturalist. At Rapid he will support the editorial and marketing teams to help create top-notch content and implement digital best practices.

David Neufeld


David joins Rapid having previously worked in professional services at a Big 4 firm where he obtained his CPA designation in January of 2022. When he’s not busy crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, you will probably find him trying to become an amateur at any outdoor sport that exists or in the local Crossfit gym.

Amy Stenner

Paddling Film Festival Sales And Marketing Specialist

Amy is originally from the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands UK. She joins us to direct marketing strategies and campaigns and drive online ticket sales for the Paddling Film Festival Virtual Tour. You'll find her skiing, climbing or singing in her spare time.

Jennifer Quade

Customer Service

Jen is our longest-running team member, having started in 2007. Jen is responsible for keeping our readers happy and coordinating our Paddling Film Festival. You can find her reading by the lake, researching new dessert recipes to try, and hiking with her dog.


Digital Content Writer/Editor

As the Paddling Magazine and Kayak Angler inbound-focused digital content writer/editor, you will be responsible for producing and optimizing online service-oriented and entertaining editorial content from themed roundups and guides to personal reviews and more.

Ray Bretzloff


Ray is an adventurer at heart. He has 25 years of paddling experience, from family canoe trips to whitewater raft guiding to owning an adventure instruction company. His dog and office mascot, Lucky, is 13 years old, likes long walks and naps anywhere, but especially loves the cool bottom of a canoe.


Circulation Sales And Marketing Specialist

Our main focus is connecting all the dots and growing market share, readership and sales. What does this mean, really? We want even more paddlers and anglers finding, reading, enjoying and turning to Paddling Magazine and Kayak Angler for every gear purchase and travel decision they make.


Media Sales Account Manager

We are looking for detailed customer-service focused individuals to help manage and support Rapid Media’s advertising operations, including our entire media mix of digital and print magazines, websites, newsletters, social media assets, native content, Paddling Buyer’s Guide, Paddling Trip Guide and the Paddling Film Festival. And whatever else we dream up in the meantime.