Our Team

Meet the amazing staff at Rapid Media

Scott MacGregor

Founder & Publisher

Scott has a serious writing and paddling crush but a business brain, so he started this magazine. He’s also the founder of Beer Fridays and Meat Sticks & Mars Bars Mondays. His two kids are just a smidgen cooler than he is.

Kaydi Pyette

Managing Editor

Kaydi has managed Rapid Media’s publications since 2012. She has a Bachelor in Journalism from Ryerson University. If she’s not out on the water she’s poring over a map dreaming up her next paddling adventure.

Cristin Plaice

Marketing Director

Cristin is obsessed with marketing, has a healthy appetite for chocolate cake and makes smart investments in party favours. When she’s not frothing over CRMs and new tech, you can find her playing in the mountains of BC.

Tanya MacGregor


Tanya is the Finance Manager at Rapid Media. Originally from southern Ontario she achieved a BCom from McMaster University. When not working or being a busy mom, Tanya loves mountain biking, skiing, canoeing and rafting.

Alex Traynor

Social Media Manager

The outdoors has been a core part of Alex's upbringing and lies very close to his heart. Growing up in Ontario, a large part of his summers were spent heading up Highway 400 to the vast network of rivers and lakes.

Jennifer Quade


Jen is our longest-running team member, having started in 2007. Jen is responsible for keeping our readers happy and coordinating our Paddling Film Festival. You can find her reading by the lake, researching new dessert recipes to try, and hiking with her dog.

Michael Hewis

Art Director

Mike loves to create: when not designing he’s experimenting with oil paints, curating an impressive Instagram and instructing his daughter in the art of casting spinning rods. Curling with the hammer in the last end at a bonspiel? Yep, you’ll find him doing that, too.

Claire Mahaffy

Media Sales Coordinator

Claire is a professional list maker and very amateur office badminton player. On weekends she volunteers for a summer camp planning anything from crafts to camp outs. Her favourite canoe trip meals are scrambled French toast and tuna mac.

Ray Bretzloff


Ray is an adventurer at heart. He has 25 years of paddling experience, from family canoe trips to whitewater raft guiding to owning an adventure instruction company. His dog and office mascot, Lucky, is 13 years old, likes long walks and naps anywhere, but especially loves the cool bottom of a canoe.


Chief Morale Officer

Margarita came to us from sub-Saharan Africa by way of Ottawa. Most days she can be found staring blankly across the office, but don’t be fooled by her vacant gaze—she plays an integral role in boosting staff moral and maintaining Rapid Media’s unique workplace culture.