Why Paddling Is Vital For Human Survival

For most of the last two million years, humans lived in a natural world. Living in a natural world...

Casper Steinfath SUP’s Across The Skagerrak Ocean

Why did Casper Steinfath cross the Skagerrak Ocean? Growing upĀ on the shores of Jutland, Denmark, paddleboard champion Casper Steinfath...

Why You Must Paddle Western Newfoundland

Discover icebergs, whales and wilderness in Western Newfoundland

Why The SUP Resale Market Is About To Change

The racing SUP resale market has languished for a decade, but everything is about to change.

The First Woman To Paddleboard The Straits Of Florida

Crossing the 100-mile-wide Florida straits with Victoria Burgess

How Emre Bosut Is Building A SUP-Surf Paradise

Emre Bosut is building this paradise for everyone who loves the water.

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