Sauce Recipe: How To Flavor Up Your Dehydrated Food

Dehydrating your own food will give you a variety of nutritious but also flavorful choices while reducing pack weight...

8 Healthy Snacks For Paddling Trips

Receipes for your next trip to keep you and your tastebuds happy.

The Ultimate Backcountry Birthday Cake Recipe

Being on a canoe trip for your birthday is a treat in itself. Make it even more special with...

Tips For Backcountry Cooking

Well-fed campers are happy campers. When you’re cooking at a campsite, your best approach is to prevent mistakes in...

Backcountry Booze: The Best New Ways to Imbibe in...

You’ve spent the day paddling, portaging and pondering life from the seat of a canoe. You have earned a...

How To Eat Fresh On Your Camping Trips

We’re not backpackers. Sure, bringing freshies on trip means portaging a few more pounds, but it’s a small price...

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